About Us

My name is Patti Good, I am the CEO of Good’s Trading Company.  We are a Murphy, Texas based home fragrance business specializing in candles, room diffusers, room sprays and wax melts.  Where did this all begin?  It began in the kitchen of my house every holiday, rushing to try and top the last years gifts.  Starting in June planning my Christmas gifts, I  spent hours smelling fragrances, working on packaging ideas, and telling my husband (who just looked at me like I was crazy) , “it’s all about the presentation”.  Year after year, I would perfect the last years gifts.  My friends and family are part of the reason this business started.  After opening there gifts and smelling how wonderful they smelled, they would say “you should sell this stuff”.  Well, the holidays would be over, and I would go through withdraws.  What in the world was I going to do now that I did’nt have anything to plan for and work on at 4:00 in the morning.  That’s how this all became a reality.  Well of course the family was excited, because I had to recruit testers.  Every month they would receive a white box full of great smelling items and give me feedback.  After a year of testing different waxes with different wicks and fragrances, I finally perfected my product line.  So, if you are wanting your home or office to smell amazing, shop all of our fine fragrance products.  I hope that you enjoy them.